Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Soboro-Don (ma-bo style)


1lb ground beef
1/4 lb baby carrot
1pk Tofu
1/4 cup white wine or mirin
Green onions
Steamed rice
Dried sesame

For Miso paste  ( you can use Mabo-dofu no Moto, )
3 tablespoon sugar,
3 tablespoon miso,
3 tablespoon Tenmenjyan ( Chinese sweetend miso)
3 tablespoon oyster source 
3 tablespoon soy source
1 tablespoon sesame oil,
Directions                                                                   15min
Scramble the ingredients for Miso paste
Cut carrots to small pieces
Fly ground beef, add carrots, and fly again
Add Tofu and fly again
Serve on the steamed rice with green onions

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