Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Basic 3 seasoning for the starter -- with them you can make my recipe Today

Let me introduce 3 basic seasoning.
Most of Japanese seasoning can substitute the local seasonings, but I recommend you buy this 3 seasoning in a Japanese supermarket.

1. Shoyu ( soy saurce)
2. Miso  (miso paste)
3. Dashi ( Japanese soup stock powder)

Recomended 2 other common seasonings

4.Mirin-sweet sake special for cooking, you can replace it whitewine and suger.
5.Sesami oil (dryed sesami is also make the flaver richer)

You can find them sometimes in the local supermarket like wholefoods, or amazon, But I recommend to visit Japanese supermarkets in the city.
I write about the markets later if you want go now, I will let you know some names below
Yagura -betw 5th and 6th 41st street
katagiri -betw lex and madison 59th street

Japanese Curry

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seasonal vegetables
  -tomato , zucchini, paprika
1/2 lb beacon
1/2 onion
Tomato source (canned)
1 tablespoon of Garlic powder
3 tablespoon of soy source

Directions           10min
While boiling pasta,
Fry onions and beacon
Add vegetables and fry
Add garlic powder and soy source
Add tomato source (and a little salt as you like)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Why Japanese live long

You might know Japan's life expectancy is the highest in the world.
Average Japanese live 82 years, consistantly top in OECD list.

Japanese food is the key  to make our lives longer.
So, it's natural for healthconsious New Yorker lush to Japanese food.
Most of my recipe are-
-use only foodstuffs you can find in Manhattan
-under $8 for a family of 4
-Cook in 20min ( no including the waiting times)
-need less than 5 steps
-Great for kids
They are  not a traditional Japanese food as you think, but I sure it's The Real  Japanese Dishes at home.