Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Basic 3 seasoning for the starter -- with them you can make my recipe Today

Let me introduce 3 basic seasoning.
Most of Japanese seasoning can substitute the local seasonings, but I recommend you buy this 3 seasoning in a Japanese supermarket.

1. Shoyu ( soy saurce)
2. Miso  (miso paste)
3. Dashi ( Japanese soup stock powder)

Recomended 2 other common seasonings

4.Mirin-sweet sake special for cooking, you can replace it whitewine and suger.
5.Sesami oil (dryed sesami is also make the flaver richer)

You can find them sometimes in the local supermarket like wholefoods, or amazon, But I recommend to visit Japanese supermarkets in the city.
I write about the markets later if you want go now, I will let you know some names below
Yagura -betw 5th and 6th 41st street
katagiri -betw lex and madison 59th street

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