Saturday, October 23, 2010

Okonomiyaki (kansai-style)

Okonomiyaki is Japanese pancake with tons of vegetables. One of the most popular soul-food in Japan, many styles depends on the area. Osaka style is easy to make, so I introduce it.


1/2 head of cabbage Note! The amount of cabbage seems too much is fine.
1/3 beacon
1 can of sweet corn
3 eggs
2 cups filtered water
Okonomiyaki powder You can buy Japanese supermarket around $4
Any vegetables (as you like)
Okonomi source
AoNori powder ( if possible)

-Chop the cabbage and vegetables and beacon
-Put the filtered water first, and add Okonomiyaki powder, mix well.
-Add eggs, cabbage, vegetables and beacon mix roughly.
-fly them just as making pancakes… fly with weak fire , the cabbage taste more sweet.
-Put Okonomi source and Mayo and Aonori

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