Sunday, October 10, 2010

Plain steamed rice WITHOUT using ricecooker


3 cups Japanese rice
4 cups filtered water

Select the right rice is so important.
Buy these (short grain rice) 15lb =Just $19.99 at Yagura
△sushi rice

Few hours before cooking         5min
-Wash the rice more than 5 times to using clean water.
-After wash them, add 4 cups of water, and leave them  

STEAM        20min
- turn the stove on keep the fire middle before boiling.
-When start boiling to keep the fire low.
- Around 10min after boiling, watch the stove, and when you feel the smoke is a little less, it might done.
-Open the lid and watch, when there are no bubbles or water, it’s done. Put the lid again, and then turn off the fire, wait more than 10min. It’s done.

Steam rice in your pan is easy, and the taste is much better.
Once you know how-to, you can’t taste the rice by rice cooker.
You can keep the steamed rice in your fridge around 5days.

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